Riverbend Preschool

Located in the Riverbend Community Centre

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We Value…

…the creation of safe and loving environments in which children learn through open ended play, explore their natural outdoor environment, learn problem solving skills and are provided with opportunities for creative thinking and self expression.

…an emphasis on learning through the arts.

…the facilitation of a love of learning by making time each day to create, move, sing, discuss, observe, read and play.

…periods of uninterrupted free time for exploration with open ended, child-selected materials.

…the creation of environments where children can simply be children.

Our diverse staff of educators comes with extensive backgrounds in Early Childhood Development and are dedicated to the creation of child-centred, hands-on, play-based environments for young children. They provide a wonderful blend of experience and knowledge and have a passion for teaching young children. All Little Steps staff are Alberta Certified and possess a current First Aid Certificate and Police Clearance.

For a complete list of our classes and fees, visit our Programs Page.

A Typical Day At Little Steps Preschool

​Free Play:
This is creative, child-led activity time where students are encouraged to learn through play with many of the various centres we have, such as sensory tables, dramatic play, blocks, hands on manipulatives, games and creative arts.

Art / Craft Time:
Students let their creativity and imagination flow as they take part in an art activity. They experiment with different textures, shapes and mediums to develop fine motor skills through use of scissors, glue, pencils, paint brushes and crayons. With art time, we focus on the “doing”, not the end result.

Gathering Time:
All students come together to develop a wide range of skills and attitudes such as confidence, self-esteem, talking, listening, taking turns, patience and respect for others. We sing songs, listen to music, play group games, discuss the lesson of the week, read stories, and prepare for the rest of the day.

Snack Time:
This provides students with opportunities to practice manners, good hygiene, and conversational skills while promoting healthy eating. Snack is supplied for the entire class by parents on a rotating basis.

Music & Movement:
We believe children need opportunities to move in class in order to be successful in other areas of school. Research shows memory, music and movement are linked, and the body is a tool for learning, therefore a big chunk of our day is focused around music and movement. Without knowing it our students are working on developing their large and small motor skills, learning to express their emotions, improving balance and coordination, and engaging their memory.


Registration for the 2020/2021 school year is open.